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What makes Saint Petersburg women special?

What differs Saint Petersburg women from other Slavic girls? Read this article to get all the answers to this question!

The ladies from the Northern capital are totally unique. Firstly, they are as beautiful as a Russian queen. Secondly, they possess benevolence and grace that no other woman can boast about.


Petersburg women are so beautiful that men get mesmerized by their stunning appearance. These ladies have a very elegant and sophisticated look. They do not wear too much makeup on a daily basis and prefer a natural style. They never forget to do their hair or nails and are keen on sports. Thus, apart from having a beautiful face, they also possess an amazing slender body.

As for the clothes, women in Saint Petersburg have a very good taste and dress in an exquisite manner. They love all shades of the grey and black colour. Perhaps, this trend was born under the influence of a gloomy weather, which is so typical of this city. However, they also like to add several bright accessories to a strict dress or classic trousers. They wear red, pink, yellow belts, handbags, scarves, gloves, shoes and umbrellas.

By the way, a Petersburg woman will always be glad to get an extra umbrella as a present because it often rains in this city. So consider this option when you plan a trip to the Northern capital.

These women can sometimes wear a bright makeup if they go to the theater or a concert. Nevertheless, they always make sure that they do not look vulgar, even if they are invited to a party. It is their inborn sense of harmony and proportion that defines their style. Many men from abroad say that these women possess the air of aristocracy.


Women from Saint Petersburg are very tolerant and self-respecting. The proximity to Europe made them rather progressive and more open-minded than their compatriots. These ladies are very kind and are not likely to judge anybody by their appearance, origin or religion. Thanks to their brilliant mind, they strike the right balance between their own beliefs and other people’s borders. This feature is also reflected in their sense of private space. In fact, they do not like when it is neglected or disturbed. For this reason, they avoid touching people in public transport occasionally with their bags and keep the distance at public events that involve a crowd.

Petersburg women are also very compassionate and balanced. Flexibility helps them to get used to a new country when they find a husband from abroad and move to his place. Create a profile at Saint Petersburg marriage agency and view the profiles of the beautiful brides! These are self-sufficient and intellectual women, who are also enjoyable interlocutors.

Take your chance and find your love in the Northern capital!