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Saint Petersburg city parks

Come to the Northern capital to see the famous Saint Petersburg sights. In this article you will read about the most popular parks in this city.

The Alexander Garden

The Alexander Garden is probably the most popular among Saint Petersburg city parks for walking. It is situated in the very heart of the city, near Palace Square. In the 19-th century it was a fashionable place where local aristocracy gossiped about other members of the high society during their promenades. It was mentioned in the Russian literature by Alexander Pushkin, who wrote about The Alexander Garden in his novel-in-verse, Evgeny Onegin.

The Catherine Garden

The Catherine Garden is a public garden, located in front of the Alexandrinsky Theater. It was laid out in 1820 by Carlo Rossi and later received its name thanks to the statue of Catherine the Great, which was erected in 1873.

Outside the Catherine Garden you will meet incredible Saint Petersburg artists, who sit on the sidewalk, sell their masterpieces and offer the tourists to draw their portraits.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was created in Saint Petersburg in 1714 and remains one of the oldest botanical gardens in Russia. It is situated on the Petrograd side. It was founded by order of Peter the Great as the Apothecary‚Äôs Garden. Medicinal herbs were supposed to be grown there, but the residents of the city started bringing the seeds of rare and exotic plants there, so soon it underwent a significant extension and turned into an abundant botanical garden.

The Michael Garden

The Michael Garden is a landscaped park and is situated near the Michael Palace, which currently houses the Russian Museum. It was built in 1825 by Carlo Rossi for Grand Duke Michael, who was the brother of the Emperors (Alexander I and Nicholas I.)

The park had a rich history and used to be a formal garden, a hunting reserve and a nursery. Later, numerous labyrinths and fountains were created there, and then it became a place for horseback riding during the reign of Emperor Paul. In the 19th century it slowly started turning into the garden that we know today. Come to the Michael Garden, and you will be amazed by the wisdom of the venerable Russian trees that remember how centuries and tsars alternated each other.

The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden was founded in 1704 by order of Peter the Great. It is especially famous because the Emperor himself took part in planning it according to the strict geometrical principles. It was a very popular place to hold balls for aristocracy.

Here you will see rare flowers and plants, amazing marble statues, purchased from Europe, and wonderful fountains. The Summer Garden is situated in the place where the Fontanka River flows out of the Neva River.

Enjoy walking in Saint Petersburg city parks with your soulmate from Russia!