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Most romantic places in Saint Petersburg

If you are planning a trip to Russia to see your girlfriend from Saint Petersburg marriage agency, choose the best romantic place where you will share the most exciting moments together. Of course, there is a plenty of awesome gardens, relaxing squares and beautiful cathedrals, but in this article we mentioned the most romantic places, which will give you both a 100% thrill you will never forget.

Saint Petersburg is called "the Venice of the North". There are so many breathtaking riverside views and astonishing drawbridges that it seems that the city is the source of constant inspiration for poets and artists.

When it is raining, Saint Petersburg seems to sing a sad love song, shuffling the leaves on the trees. When the sun is shining, the city seems to be smiling, picking up the light on the golden domes of the churches. When it is snowing, it feels like every street is covered with a white blanket. So in any season you will find romance in Saint Petersburg. Here are some tips for you how to experience the best romantic moments with your Russian girlfriend.

Tip 1. Have a boat ride

The main artery of Saint Petersburg is the Neva River. There are numerous boats, yachts and giant ships that are constantly running there. Order a boat ride, take a bottle of quality whine and share great emotions with your Russian girlfriend! You can both follow the famous Russian tradition to throw a coin into the water. Russian people do so when they want to come back to the place they liked.

There are also alternative boat rides available. Small boats go through the narrow veins of the city - its canals and rivers. For instance, you can choose Fontanka Canal or Griboyedov Winter Canal. You two will have a wonderful journey and see beautiful bridges and the facades of famous Saint Petersburg buildings.

Tip 2. Watch a drawbridge

Watching a drawbridge, which is allowing a ship to pass through, is considered one of the most romantic experiences in Saint Petersburg, especially during a white night in summer. Just imagine: one bridge splits in two, suddenly disconnecting two banks of the Neva River to let a huge ship run smoothly without any obstacles. Isn't it a miracle?

There are 26 drawbridges in this city, and they work from late spring until early autumn, so take it into consideration while planning your visit to Russian women in Saint Petersburg.

Tip 3. Go to suburbs

This tip will be helpful in case you want to become closer with your Russian lady. There is nothing more romantic and uniting as a common adventure!

There are numerous amazing suburbs around Saint Petersburg, where you can easily spend the whole day. Plan a trip to Peterhof or Tsarskoye Selo. In Peterhof you will visit a magnificent palace, walk under the crowns of old trees, see cascading waterfalls and enjoy the fresh air. In Tsarskoye Selo you will be able to enter several residences of Russian emperors and explore the town, where the most famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, lived. Visiting the suburbs of Saint Petersburg will be a delightful experience for both of you!

Saint Petersburg women are waiting for you to come and share the most romantic moments with them!