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Drawbridges in Saint Petersburg - extremes meet!

If you want to create a happy international couple and decided to visit your bride in Saint Petersburg, ask her to show you this unique piece of architecture. Watching a drawbridge is always a romantic experience, especially during a white night in summer! You will never forget it if you see it once!

Did you know that Saint Petersburg ranks 1-st by the number of these amazing bridges in Russia? Numerous drawbridges across the Neva River will astonish you! In the Northern capital there are about 400 bridges, among which 26 are movable. They are available from May till October. In other seasons the navigation on the Neva River is closed, so you should take it into account when you plan your trip to Saint Petersburg.

The drawbridges are an integral part of a wonderful and harmonious architectural ensemble in this city. Every street, park and square is successfully congruent with an urban rainbow called "a drawbridge". It complements the look of the adjacent buildings in a natural way. Let us regard the most popular touristic attractions!

Alexander Nevsky Bridge

Alexander Nevsky Bridge is the longest drawbridge across the Neva River in this awesome city. It is about 905.7 meters long and approximately 35 meters wide. It consists of 7 bridge spans. The central span, which is 50 meters high, can be opened within 2 minutes.

The bridge was being built for 5 years, from 1960 to 1965. It is named after a famous Russian military commander and politician, Alexander Nevsky.

This drawbridge connects the southern and the northern part of Saint Petersburg: Alexander Nevsky Square and Zanevsky Avenue.

Trinity Drawbridge

Trinity (Troitsky) Drawbridge is also quite a long bridge across the Neva River (about 580 meters.) It was built in 1903 as a symbol of celebration of the 200-th anniversary of Saint Petersburg. It is situated on Suvorov Square and connects it with the Petrograd Side. There are cast iron gratings with artistic casting on the bridge, as well as granite pylons with lanterns and metallic three-colour lanterns in the Art Nouveau style.

Palace Drawbridge

This bridge's name refers to the famous Winter Palace. The palaces in Saint Petersburg had a rich history, as well as the bridges did. For instance, in 1917 its name was changed to Republican Bridge due to the political reasons, but in 1944 it got back its original name. It is smaller than the above mentioned drawbridges: it is about 260 meters long and 28 meters wide. It is composed of 5 spans. The southernmost span joins Palace Embankment between the Winter Palace and Admiralty and leads to Palace Square.

The image of the Palace Drawbridge with Peter-and-Paul Fortress in the background is considered to be one of the most famous city symbols.

Russian women will find it a pleasure to share with you a romantic atmosphere of a white night. It is the time when the drawbridges disconnect 2 banks of the Neva River, having only one goal - to unite them again in the morning!