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Best time to visit Saint Petersburg

This city has a lot of peculiarities, such as a long-lasting polar day or a short polar night. This article will help you to take all small details into consideration and thoroughly plan your journey.

Travelling to Saint Petersburg has various pros and cons, depending on the season. Let us regard the main differences.


Most tourists find late spring and summer enjoyable for spending a vacation in Saint Petersburg. Many people start coming here since the May holidays. The hotels are fully loaded during this period.

Another popular time for visiting Saint Petersburg is the end of June and the beginning of July. You can see famous “white nights” then.

It is hard to find a free room in a hotel during a popular season in summer, so it is better to make booking in advance, at least 2 months before the due date. Please note that the prices for the accommodation are 3-4 times higher in summer than in winter.Therefore, if you are planning a long stay in Saint Petersburg, check whether your trip days fall on the national holiday dates. The prices for the accommodation depend greatly on these factors, so take it into consideration, especially if you are looking for a budget option. However, you should also discuss the dates of your stay with your girlfriend. She might have more free time during the national holidays in Russia if she is employed, so you should set the priorities.


  • Agreeable warm weather.
  • Fabulous "white nights".
  • Availability of some attractions only in summer.


  • Higher prices for accommodation in summer.


Early autumn is also a great time to visit this city. Many tourists choose this season, because it is especially romantic. You will enjoy the poetic atmosphere of Saint Petersburg autumn, when the parks are dressed in yellow and orange foliage. Drawbridges still work at this time.

If you are dating Russian women and want to visit them, plan attending excursions and museums. Autumn is the best time for such things, because there are almost no queues. Russian brides will be happy to show you the best romantic places in Saint Petersburg!


  • Relatively low prices for accommodation.
  • No queues at museums.
  • Available drawbridges.


Winter and spring

If you chose a bride from Saint Petersburg marriage agency and want to visit her in winter, come to the celebration of New Year and Christmas in Russia! Please take into account that the temperatures can drop down up to - 30°C. In winter and early spring the navigation on the Neva River is prohibited, and the drawbridges do not work.

The prices for accommodation are higher during the abovementioned holidays. After them and in early spring the prices in hotels are very low.


  • Lower prices.
  • No queues at museums.
  • Possibility to see northern lights.


  • Unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Unavailable drawbridges.
  • No boating.

Choose the most appropriate season and have a pleasant stay in Saint Petersburg!